Sunday, April 29, 2007

Chromachron Tian Harlan Rare 1970s Octagonal Mechanical Watch

Rare and all-original 1970s mechanical version of the famous Chronochrom designed by Tian Harlan. Watch signed and manufactured by Jean Perret, Geneva.

The 17 jewel movement works well. The case is 35mm in diameter and 9 mm thick. Gold Plated over stainless steel, the watch is New Old Stock, never having been worn.

The name Chromachron stems from the Greek; Chroma means colour and Chronos time

Tian Harlan is the artist sculptor best known for his Color/Time clock tower sculpture at the 1972 Winter Olympics in Munich. So popular was the idea in the 1970s of a watch that ended what Harlan called the "dictatorship of exact time", that rock stars, doyens of art and theatre, movie stars and other members of the social elite purchased them.

Harlan's Chronomachrons were worn amongst others by Mick Jagger, Ringo Star, Max Bill, Charles Aznavour, Carlo Levi and even by members of Iron Butterlywho wrote the Chromachron song!

USD$175.00.  Insurance and shipping extra. Payment by Bank transfer or by arrangement


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